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The Amaese languages were a group of languages spoken by the tribes of the Ama Basin in northern Kara-Tur, and were the primary languages there. It comprised the Issacortae, Pazruki, and Wu-haltai languages, named for the nations that spoke them: Issacortae, Pazruki, and Wu-haltai.[1][2][note 1]

Each of these languages was a family of dialects descending from a common ancestral tongue. The three nations had little writing or centralization, so each language developed independently.[3]

These languages were considered to be "only vaguely related" to the Eastern Imaskari languages group.[1]



  1. Only the Issacortae and Pazruki languages are specified as part of the Amaese languages group. It is assumed that the language of the Wu-haltai people, also indigenous to the Ama Basin and sharing cultural similarities with the Issacortae and Pazruki, is also a part of the Amaese languages group.


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