Amdramnar was a young friendly malaugrym in 1358 DR.


In 1358 DR, during the hunt for Elminster Aumar, Amdramnar welcomed the Rangers Three, who had come through a gate to the Castle of Shadows. Amdramnar hoped to make Sharantyr his mate one day.[1]

Later, following hints discovered in the writings of the long-dead Shadowmaster High Melvydur, Amdramnar found a secret grotto inside the castle. However, using a separate way, his rival Argast also found it. They decided to temporarily cooperate to discover the secret of this place. Afterward, both decided to travel to Faerun. Upon their arrival they were attacked by some members of the Cult of the Dragon but thanks to their shapechanging powers, Amdramnar killed all the cultists. After arriving in Daggerdale, Amdramnar and Argast learned about the death of Elminster during the second battle of Shadowdale.[2]




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