Amet'ned-thoth was a wizard-priest of Thoth in Skullport.[1]


Amet'ned-thoth always dressed in the typical kalasiris of his home country. He disliked yuan-ti and other reptile races for their affinity with Set.[1]


Amet had few true acquaintances, only the unusual illithid Sangalor and Silas Broon, the owner of the Flagon and the Dragon.[1]


Around 1370 DR, Amet'ned-thoth acted as a lawyer-for-hire in front of the Skulls of Skullport. He always chose his clients very carefully before accepting a case, and for this he earned the ire of Zstulkk Ssarmn and other leaders of the Iron Ring.[1]


He knew and spoke a dozen languages, both human and others.[1]



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