Amglar was a Zhentilar commander in Battledale.


In 1358 DR, Amglar led a Zhent garrison in Essembra together with the Zhentarim wizard Ondeler. Secretly, Amglar was under orders to report regularly to Draethe, steward of the Inner Circle, on the wizard's performance.

At one point, however, they were attacked by some mysterious undead. Amglar reported the news to Ondeler, whot gathered his apprentice Myarvuk and Belurastra Stormfall. However, Belurastra revealed herself to be a malaugrym and made an agreement with Amglar while at same time killing Ondeler.

Later Amglar together with Myarvuk joined the high zhent wizard Nentor Thuldoum. However at the Standing Stone they were attacked by mysterious flying arrows that killed Myarvuk and injured Amglar.

In flamerule 17 Amglar together with Nentor lead the Zhent army against the defenders of Mistledale. The Zhent were winning when Sylune appeared behind Nentor and Amglar and killed the two Zhent commanders.[1]




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