Amiq rasol, also called Deep men or Dark men, were corsairs from Zakhara who rose from the dead after being lost at sea, marooned, or murdered. Amiq rasol could also be corsairs who rejected the Enlightened gods and died at sea.[1]


These creatures appeared as pale corsairs, except for their eyes which glowed green. Use of a true seeing spell or a hakima’s special ability revealed these creatures as undead.[1]


Amiq rasol could attack with their claws and teeth, as well as any weapons they carried. Their bite absorbed the life force of their target, causing permanent loss of abilities.[1]

They were able to cast a powerful charm spell that was used to draw living creatures within striking distance. On rare occasions Amiq rasol would use this ability to coerce adventurers to travel to the site of their deaths and perform proper death rites so they could transcend to the afterlife.[1]

Amiq rasol found at the site of their death were immune to being turned. They were immune to all sleep, charm and hold spells. Magical weapons were needed to harm them. Casting a raise dead spell on them would kill them instantly. They were susceptible to holy water. Amiq rasol killed by any other method would form another body and return to their previous state after one day.[1]


These undead did not wander far from the site of their deaths. If they perished while at sea, they were typically found wandering the nearest island or coast. If they traveled more than 100 miles (161 km) from the site of their death, they would fade away and reappear at the site. They consumed energy absorbed from living creatures. Amiq rasol would transform into wraiths if several years passed without feeding. They were intelligent and would attempt to join a group of humanoids to assure a steady food source.[1]


Amiq rasol had no impact on the ecosystems of their habitats.[1]



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