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Amkethran was a town located somewhere in Tethyr.

In 1368 DR, it was under the unofficial leadership of Balthazar, the leader of the local monastery and a Bhaalspawn. The town was in very bad shape, as its inhabitants lived in poverty and had to contend with Balthazar's mercenaries, who also lived there and did basically whatever they liked. Saemon Havarian had also made his base in the city.

Amkethran was partly built on several levels on a large rock. A large cave opening into the side of that rock was used as a cemetery, although when Gorion's Ward's party arrived it was magically sealed off as the lich Vongoethe had taken temporary residence in it.

The town also had a tavern, and a seller of powerful scrolls who had fled from Saradush had also set up shop there.[1]


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