Ammathtar was a city located in northeastern Dambrath.[1]


Ammathtar was located between the Granuin forest on the east and the Trader's Way on the west.[1]


Ammathtar was more tolerant than other areas of Dambrath due to trader's from the rest of Faerûn and halflings from Luiren.[1]

Prices for goods was discounted for crinti but inflated for every other race. A small percentage of all business transactions when to the city coffers, helping to fund a strong army.[1]

The largest horse pens in all of Dambrath were found in Ammathtar, holding upward of 5,000 prized steeds.[1]

Foreign travelers entering Ammathtar, including all adventurers, had to bribe an official with 100 gp each in order to enter the city.[1]


An army of 1,000 heavy cavalry and 50 wizards defended Ammathtar from attack.[1]



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