Amratha Shuldeiroun was the senior chatelaine of the Sign of the Shield inn located in Voonlar circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


Amratha was a petite woman with beautiful, angular features and red hair.[1][2]


Amratha swirled about the inn seeing that all the guests' needs were met or even anticipated. She had a no-nonsense attitude and a sharp tongue but did not stoop to using vulgarities; rather, she cajoled with wit or sarcasm as the situation warranted.[1][2]

Her wit is like a whip, and her sarcasm can etch glass and blister up blushes.
— Volothamp Geddarm


At some point in her life she received basic training as a fighter.[1][2]


As the senior chatelaine, she ruled the day shift, talking to the guests and directing the staff on how best to serve them.[1][2]


She was essentially second in command after Mester Rauvaraudo, the majordomo of the Sign of the Shield. She and her night-shift counterpart, Maeragra Duskwinter, were similar in hair color, stature, appearance, and demeanor, but were unrelated.[1][2]



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