Amree was a human ship's wizard whose home port is Westgate. In 1479 DR she sailed on a ship owned by the Nine Golden Swords and successfully defended the ship from attack by Sahuagin and the boat was able to limp back into port in Westgate. Unfortunately, the ship had taken too much damage and sank in Westgate harbor after all the cargo had been unloaded. The ship's captain blamed Amree for the loss of the ship and the Nine Golden Swords attempted to collect the debt from her.[1]

A ship owned by the Standing Tree Monastery needed a mage for a journey to confront the exiled eladrin Cealynna and two monks from the ship, Kwan Shang-Li and his father Kwan Yung, went to the inn at which Amree was staying to ask her to join the crew. At the inn, they confronted members of the Nine Golden Blades who were attempting to kidnap Amree and killed or incapacitated all the thugs. Amree agreed to join the crew and they sailed into the Sea of Fallen Stars. Cealynna sank the ship and took Kwan Shang-Li to her castle at the bottom of the sea. The surviving crew members were able to breath in Cealynna's domain due to her magic.[1]

While Kwan was away, Amree worked with the ship's crew to patch up their ship. The crew found a ship named the Red Orchid that had been made sentient by the spellplague. They took the Red Orchid's figurehead and attached it to their ship and Amree helped to revive the figurehead's consciousness. The crew used sailcloth to make the hold airtight and Amree conjured air in the hold. When the ship became bouyant enough, the crew floated the ship to the surface with the help of the Red Orchid's spirit. Cealynna attacked the ship but was slain by Kwan Shang-Li.[1]


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