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Amulets of Laeral's tears were named after the famed sorceress, Laeral Silverhand. They temporarily bestowed greater health upon those who wore the amulet against their skin.[1]

A variant of these amulets, known as an Amulet of Dark Blessing, were found among the drow of the Underdark and besides their appearance they functioned identically.[2]


Strung along these amulets were soft, brittle, and colorless fancy stone crystals known as Laeral's tears. They were often large and kept a glossy, magnificent finish.[1] The Underdark-wrought Amulets of Dark Blessing were crafted using a single iridescent black gemstone, however.[2]

After being expended, both versions of the amulet would crumble to dust.[1][2]


Whilst worn next to the skin the amulet bestowed a temporary increase to one's health. However, once this bonus health had been eroded (via injury) then the amulet crumbled into worthless dust.[1][2]


The Witches of Rashemen used to craft these amulets using many large colorless stones.[1]



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