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Anaconda were a mercenary company based in Elven Wood near Elmwood and operating in Dalelands and Stonelands around 1358 DR.[1]



The Anaconda recruited only married couple. They were a calculating and closed group, mourning every loss. They had two units of infantry, one of cavalry and one of archers, each of 50 members. There were also 10 scouts, 10 sorceresses and 20 priestesses.[1]


They were very effective as irregular troops and advance scouts with a talent for the ambushes on night. large battles or when on caravan duty they employed their elephant mascot Blanka.[1]


The Anacondathey never backed out of a contract. They charged 120 gold pieces per week for their services and 400 gp for night ambush and long-rage reconnaissance.[1]


The history of the Anaconda was one of only rumors. They originated from an unknown southwest island. Rumors said that they worked both defending and attacking caravans in Dalelands and helping or defeating Stonelands goblinoid. Some said they worked for the Zhentarim.[1]



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