Anagrys Brightbrass was a gold dwarf wizard who grew up in the Great Rift.


She showed a remarkable aptitude for magic from an early age.

When she reached her fiftieth birthday, her family enrolled her into the Academy Arcane, a dwarven magical institution in the Rift. She studied under the archmage Randak Forn, an ex-adventurer who played a large role in exterminating the aberrations that lived in the surrounding area. Randak taught her with the intention that she would follow in his footsteps, and, upon completion of her wizard training, that is exactly what she did. As a congratulatory gesture, Randak bestowed upon Anagrys his helm, which he had worn during his adventures.

She immediately joined with a group of gold dwarf adventurers and set about continuing her master's quest of killing the aberrations living in the nearby Underdark tunnels.

The party was very successful at first, freeing a large number of dwarf and human slaves in raids on duergar slavers and beholder cults. However, when the party came across their first group of mind flayers, things took a sharp turn for the worse. Anagrys's magical hat protected her from the psionic powers of the illithids, but her fellows had no such protection and were mentally dominated by their foes. Anagrys had to pummel her companions into unconsciousness when her spells to remove the mental domination ran out, before fleeing back home.

There, Anagrys forged a ring that would hopefully dispel those kinds of effects if they were attacked by illithids in the future. After that, the party enjoyed a long and successful career in aberration hunting, although eventually, like most adventuring groups, their run of luck ran out.

Tracking a raiding party back to what they believed was their illithid master, the party was shocked to find that they were in fact controlled by an alhoon, a creature far more potent than they had expected. The party was stunned and devoured, one by one, all except for Anagrys. The alhoon sold the wizard to a duergar slave caravan, where she was bought by a drow wizard from Ched Nasad. The wizard forced her to expend the energies of her very soul in the creation of magical items for him until, just a few short years after her capture, she died, still wearing her slave collar, which was said to be infused with the last vestiges of her depleted soul.[1]



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