Andahar was a unicorn that could be summoned by Drizzt Do'Urden.[2]


Drizzt possessed a horn charm on a silver chain. When blown into, the charm summoned Andahar who appeared, running and gradually growing in size, from another dimension.[3] However, unlike Drizzt's other magical companion, Guenhwyvar, Andahar was mortal and could be wounded. He also could also be summoned at any time for as long as required.[4]

Andahar was 17 hands tall.[5] He had a white coat of fur, an ivory horn tipped with a golden point, and blue piercing eyes.[citation needed] He also had bells tied to his reins, which Drizzt could silence or set to ringing as he saw fit.[6]


The ruling council of Silverymoon commissioned Andahar the mount for Drizzt in gratitude for his work during the Third Orc War.[3]





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