Andar Obarskyr was brother to Ondeth and uncle to Faerlthann, first king of Cormyr.

He was part of the first human settlement in what was then known as the Wolf Woods. In an argument between the humans and an elf hunter by the name of Thatoryl Elian, Andar slew the elf. In retribution, a group of elven warriors, led by Thatoryl's betrothed, Lorelei Alavara, attacked their camp and killed everyone there, save Andar, who had been answering nature's call at the time.[1]

According to the story passed down to Vangerdahast, Andar had escaped retribution by virtue of good luck, having been tending to nature's call deep in the woods when the elves came to avenge their kinsman's death. Though the massacre had left Andar too frightened to ever again set foot in elven territories himself, he had told his brother many times of the bounty of the Wolf Woods, and those descriptions were what convinced Ondeth to build a new home beyond the frontier.
  — Vanderghast, recalling the tale of Nalavarauthatoryl[1]


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