Andrath Glarvreth was a very successful merchant in Cormyr.[1]


Around 1479 DR, Glarvreth was plotting against King Foril Obarskyr I in order to become a noble. He had assembled an armory in Suzail. He had some dealings with Relgadrar Loroun and was supported by a Sembian-aligned cabal. Manshoon, after enslaving Relgadrar Loroun, decided he needed to talk with Glarvreth.

Later, Andranth met Lord Olgarth Oldbridle to ask for his support and Manshoon entered his mansion using the body of Burrath, Oldbridle's bodyguard. However, they were attacked by Kormoroth of Westgate and his men.[1]


Glarvreth wanted by all means to become a noble and had no problem in plotting against the king if this would help his plan.[1]


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