Angah Lalla was a curios dealer and fence for stolen goods in the city of Scornubel.[1]


Angah dressed in flowing off-white robes with a black veil. He wore a large gold rune-engraved amulet of protection +2 around his neck. His long black hair was braided and tied with off-white cloth. He spoke in a hoarse whisper.[2]


There were rumours that Angah was from the lands east of Thay and Rashemen or Zhakar, mostly perpetuated by his dress sense and his reluctance to show his face.[2]

Angah was actually a character invented by a married couple, Aareem and Leila, who came to Scornubel from Sembia after angering a powerful prince. One half of the team was usually out collecting information while the other stayed behind in the shop. Aareem and Leila were both in their forties with a teenaged daughter named Ezther, who also began assuming the guise of Angah.[2]


Angah's shop was near the center of Scornubel and appeared large from the outside, but it was dimly lit with maze-like shelving arrangements within. The contents of the shop consisted of weapons, books, scrolls, armor, and other knick-knacks. There was a thick smell of incense inside. A hidden door operated within the shop.[2]


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