An angel of decay, or rot harbinger, was an undead monstrosity that was the very essence of rot.[2]


Standing 9 feet tall and weighing 500–700 lbs with wings and claws, their putrid bodies constantly decomposed, and pools of filth dribbled around their feet.[2]

History Edit

The angels of decay were created as a mockery of, and possibly from, the legion of true angels sent against the demon lord Orcus at a time when he traveled the layers of the Abyss.[3]


In battle, they were ferocious, using their ogre-like size and strength to pummel opponents who had not already succumbed to their aura of corruption.[2]

When they spoke they did so with a slurred, muddy voice.[4].

Notable Angels of DecayEdit

An angel of decay named Shex was a field commander for an army of undead.[4]


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