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Animal growth was a transmutation or alteration spell that allowed the caster to double the size of one or more animals.[1][3][4][6] The reverse of this spell, shrink animal, caused animals to shrink to half their size.[3][4][6]


Casting this spell caused a number of animals to grow to twice their normal size. This doubled each animal's height, length, and width, increasing its weight by a factor of eight. This increase in size had a number of effects including making the creature more powerful but it also made the creature easier to attack.[1] The creature's strength and hardiness were also increased.[1][3][4][6] This spell did not affect Colossal sized creatures,[1] although the reverse of this spell could.[3][4][6]

When the spell ended, the creature's size and power returned to normal, and any injuries suffered by the creature were reduced in severity by half.[1]

The spell gave the caster no special means of command or influence over the enlarged animals.[1]


The older version of this spell required verbal, somatic and material components, including a bite of food.[3][4][6] The newer version did not require any food.[1]


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