Animate objects (also seen as animate object) was a transmutation or alteration spell that allowed the caster to temporarily bring to life one or more inanimate objects to attack a designated target.[1][3][4][5][8]


This spell could animate objects made of any non-magical material such as ceramic, fabric, glass, leather, metal, or wood.[3][4][5][8][9] For the older transmutation version of this spell, the caster could animate the equivalent of one Small object for each level of experience.[3] For the newer version, it was limited to a maximum of 10 Small objects.[9] One Medium object was equivalent to two Small objects; one Large object was equivalent to two Medium objects, and so on.

For the alteration versions this spell, the caster could animate a volume of 1 ft3 (28,000 cm3) per experience level.[4][5][8] The caster could also animate masses of raw matter, such as water, a stone from a wall, or a rock on the ground, as long as the volume of material did not exceed 1 ft3 (28,000 cm3) per experience level.[citation needed]

The duration of animate objects was one minute per caster experience level, and the objects immediately attacked a target designated by the caster. The movement rate, attack method, and possible damage depended on the form of the objects and their weight.[note 1] Depending on the school, objects being carried or worn by person or creature were either difficult[4][5][8] or impossible[3][9] to animate.


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[3][4][5][8]



  1. The spell descriptions for the alteration varieties of animate objects give various examples of movement rates of objects. A wooden statue with distinguishable legs would move considerably faster than the stone pedestal it was resting on, for example. The 3.5 edition transmutation spell description directs the reader to the Monster Manual for statistics of animated objects.


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