Anival Dyrr was the matron mother of House Agrach Dyrr of Menzoberranzan from 1373 DR.


Anival was the first daughter of matron mother Yasraena Dyrr in 1373 DR[1] when, during the Silence of Lolth, House Agrach Dyrr entered into a secret alliance with the Jaezred Chaulssin[2] and betrayed Menzoberranzan's Army of the Black Spider to the armies of Gracklstugh and Kaanyr Vhok.[3]

After the house's betrayal was revealed, the house compound was besieged by House Xorlarrin and its allies.[4] With the destruction of the house temple by Gromph Baenre, both Yasraena and the Lichdrow Dyrr, the true leader of the house, were definitively annihilated. Anival was the highest remaining member of her house. She was approached by Triel Baenre, who offered the survival of her house and her appointment as matron mother in exchange for becoming the vassal of House Baenre for centuries. With no other option, Anival accepted the offer.[5]



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