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The Principality of Ankramir was the southwestern principality of Tethyr.[3]


Ankramir included the duchies of Kamlann, the Purple Marches, and Ankaram,[4] and was the location of Tethyr's former capital and largest city, Zazesspur.[1]

The region was sparsely populated, relative to other areas of Tethyr. In cultural feel, it was akin to Calimshan, which bordered it to the south.[1]


Formally, this principality was under the authority of Princess Cyriana Rhindaun in 1370 DR, who was the daughter of Queen Zaranda Star Rhindaun and her consort King Haedrak Rhindaun III. Since the princess was a young child at that time, the ruling of the principality was handled by Cyriana's regent, Vajra Valmeyjar, the Duchess of Ankaram.[1]



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