Annulus Conflagros was the second Qysari Ring made for the rulers of the Shoon Imperium.[2] It gave the wearer both protection from fire and access to arcane fire spells.[1][2] There were other shoonrings made during the sixth age of Calimshan (27450 DR)[3] with similar properties,[1] but only one imperial ring.[2]


Like other shoonrings, this ring was made from woven strands of copper made to resemble a loop of leaping flames.[1] What distinguished this ring from the flashy copies (see below) was its behavior when donned by an individual that was not a practitioner of the Art. When placed on the finger of a cleric, druid, or other priest, the direction of the dancing flames turned at right angles to the circumference of the ring. If donned by warriors or rogues, the raised pattern of flames became smooth to the touch. Wizards saw no change in the design when placed on their finger.[4]


This ring made the wearer completely immune to normal fires. He or she could hold the burning end of a torch with a bare hand, walk through a bonfire, and be unaffected when drenched by burning oil. Large conflagrations and hotter fires like hell hound breath or molten lava would still injure the wearer of this ring, but at a limited rate. It also greatly improved the chances of resisting attacks such as fireballs, flame strikes, and red dragon breath.[5]

Offensively, this ring granted the wearer unlimited use of the pyrotechnics spell. In addition, on a daily basis the wearer could command the ring to cast burning hands three times, fireball twice, and wall of fire once.[1][2]

Other shoonrings that mimicked the abilities of this ring were also made of copper with a flame motif, but were additionally adorned with ruby and topaz gemstones chosen for their fiery color. (This was a rare exception in the crafting of shoonrings, which ordinarily did not contain gems.[6]) These rings did not adapt to the wearer like the imperial ring, and were called annulus conflagros rings (without the capitalization). The protection afforded by these rings was equivalent to a minor ring of energy resistance.[1][7]


This ring was commissioned by Shoon III who ruled from the Year of the Icy Axe, 123 DR, to the Year of the Dwarven Twins, 130 DR,[8][9] and was presumably handed down to his successors, but its chain of custody has been lost to history.[2]


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