Annulus Qysarus Major was one of the twelve Qysari Rings made for the rulers of the Shoon Imperium. It randomly reflected some or all of each spell cast directly at the wearer. When worn with the Annulus Qysarus Minor ring, it transformed incoming spells into healing for the wearer.[1]


Magic rings made during the sixth age of Calimshan (27450 DR),[2] were constructed of twisted bands of two different metals and were known as shoonrings.[3] What easily distinguished the Qysari Rings from ordinary shoonrings was that they changed form depending on the nature of the person wearing them. When placed on the finger of a cleric, druid, or other priest, the direction of the metal weave turned at right angles to the circumference of the ring. If donned by warriors or rogues, the raised pattern became smooth to the touch but still visible. Wizards saw no change in the design when it was placed on their finger.[4]


This ring was essentially a ring of spell turning that reflected some portion of an incoming spell back at the caster. The spell had to be targeted directly at the wearer of this ring, i.e., a portion of a magic missile could be reflected but not a fireball that was aimed just above the head of the intended victim. The ring did not protect against spells delivered by touch.[5]

The amount of magic reflected varied randomly from ten percent to one hundred percent in a linear scale, giving equal chance for every possible proportion. Also in the same proportion, the ring granted an increased chance to resist the part of the spell that was not reflected. The more that was reflected, the greater the chance to resist the part that got through. Ironically, the caster also got an increased chance (equal to the inverse proportion) to resist the reflected part of the spell. If the spell had a duration, these same proportions governed how long each part of the spell lasted.[5]

When worn along with the Annulus Qysarus Minor, the reflective power of this ring was transformed into something similar to a vampiric synostodweomer. Instead of being bounced back at the caster, the magical energy of an incoming spell was transformed into healing for the wearer of both rings.[1][note 1]


This ring was commissioned by Shoon IV who ruled from the Year of the Greengrass, 205 DR, to the Year of the Weeping Flail, 281 DR,[6] and was presumably handed down to his successors, but its chain of custody has been lost to history.[1]


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  1. Or perhaps just the portion that was not reflected got turned into health. The lore is not clear on this point.


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