Annulus Qysarus Minor was one of the twelve Qysari Rings made for the rulers of the Shoon Imperium. It had the power to store a small number of spells and allow the wearer to cast them as desired. When worn with the Annulus Qysarus Major ring, it allowed the wearer to sacrifice some health to achieve greater effectiveness when casting a stored spell.[1]


Magic rings made during the sixth age of Calimshan (27450 DR),[2] were constructed of twisted bands of two different metals and were known as shoonrings.[3] What easily distinguished the Qysari Rings from ordinary shoonrings was that they changed form depending on the nature of the person wearing them. When placed on the finger of a cleric, druid, or other priest, the direction of the metal weave turned at right angles to the circumference of the ring. If donned by warriors or rogues, the raised pattern became smooth to the touch but still visible. Wizards saw no change in the design when it was placed on their finger.[4]


This ring functioned as a ring of spell storing that allowed no more than five spells to be cast into it, where they remained until called forth by the wearer. When placed on a finger, the ring imparted the names of the spells into the mind of the wearer. Even individuals with no spellcasting ability could use this ring to cast the arcane or divine spells stored within.[5]

When worn along with the Annulus Qysarus Major, the spells stored in this ring could be enhanced by sacrificing some of the wearer's health at the time of casting. A separate sacrifice was required for each enhanced spell cast. This loss of vitality could be restored using normal healing techniques, or the unusual capability of the Major ring that turned spells cast at the wearer into healing magic.[1]


This ring was commissioned by Shoon IV who ruled from the Year of the Greengrass, 205 DR, to the Year of the Weeping Flail, 281 DR,[6] and was presumably handed down to his successors, but its chain of custody has been lost to history.[1]


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