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Anok-Imaskar was one of the three successor states of Imaskar after the Empire's fall, the others being Deep Imaskar and Solon.


At its height, Anok-Imaskar stretched from the Celestial Sea to the Segara Sea[3] (a large portion of what was later Shou Lung and T'u Lung). It did not spread west, owing to claims by Solon on the lands south of the Raurinshield Mountains.


The eastern provinces of Imaskar emerged relatively unscathed from the Empire's destruction. The mountainous Khati province and the flatter Katakoro province were both protected from the Mulan rebellion by distance and the natural defenses provided by the Katakoro Shan. Unlike Imaskar's vassals, Durpar and Gundavar, these provinces maintained some of Imaskar's magical might, including one of the False Imaskarcana, Dhonas's Shroud.[1] Within a year of Imaskar's fall, the surviving artificer Kujawa founded a new realm when he claimed the throne of the former capital of Upper Imaskar in the Khati city of Thakos.[1]

Anok-Imaskar was prosperous and quickly spread east, north and south.[3] They traded with their fellow successor state Solon to the west. Eventually, Kujawa decided that he would have to found a second capital city in the new lands his nation had claimed, which he did on a mountain plateau further south in the Shao Mountains, east of the Sempadan Forest. The new capital was called Tempat Larang.[3]

Unfortunately, the nearby volcano Mount Tengkorak erupted in -2113 DR[note 1], covering Tempat Larang in lava, and the city had to be abandoned. Over the next twenty years or so, the empire's southern lands were also abandoned.[3]

Kujawa repeated the history of his former peers in Imaskar when he died fighting the immortal Nung Chiang[note 2] in -1943 DR. His death caused the Empire to divide along provincial lines, each declaring itself its own state.[3]



  1. The Grand History of the Realms uses the name "Mount Bakos" but this name does not appear in any other source, whereas there is an active volcano called "Mount Tengkorak" located near the ruins of Tempat Larang on maps from earlier Oriental Adventures sources and referenced in Swords of the Daimyo as having destroyed the city. While it is likely that Bakos was the Roushoum name for the volcano, this cannot be corroborated and the name has therefore been changed.
  2. The Grand History says Kujawa died in combat with T'ien Lung, however, this is a generic name meaning Celestial Dragon. Swords of the Daimyo establishes that the empire that ruled from Tempat Larang (this was before Anok-Imaskar was given a name) came into conflict with Nung Chiang, who frequently manifests as a T'ien Lung. The more specific name is therefore used here.


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