Ansi , meaning West Protecting Fortress, was a small town located in the northern regions of the Quoya Desert within the Hordelands around 1359 DR.[1]


The small town of Ansi was little more than a fortified inn built near an oasis of bitter water.[1]

What little importance the town had came from the fact that it sat at the top of a narrow pass in the hills of the Quoya Desert, and only its close proximity to Shou Lung kept it from being totally unknown.[1]

The town itself was mostly rundown buildings, surrounded by a wall of brick. The wells produced enough water for a few small melon farms, but farming in the area was difficult because of the constant winds blowing dust, which often accumulated along the walls, sometimes even spilling over.[1]

The town offered few services, including a caravanserai, wool and hide dealers, a few melon farmers, and a pair of merchants who bought and sold goods with the nomads who came and went through the year. It also had a small temple to the Shou gods, serviced by a single priest.[1]


No more than 100 people lived in this small settlement. Most, if not all, of them had Shou ancestry.[1]

Li Kao-teh, the owner of the caravanserai, was secretly an agent for the Shou Lung empire, reporting strangers and unusual events to the censors of the nearby province of Chukei.[1]



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