Ansilber Klauthaudra was once the owner of the Whistling Wizard inn located in Voonlar until his untimely and premeditated death just after winter had arrived in the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR.[1][2]


Ansilber was a corpulent man with droopy features that made it look like he was half asleep most of the time.[1][2]


He was a lazy man who enjoyed ordering others about. He had a cruel nature but did not seem to take pleasure in it. Rather, he wanted others to suffer instead of himself.[1][2]


Ansilber was a tailor in Essembra before he moved to Voonlar and purchased the Wizard, perhaps from the famed mage Casimur.[3] During his tenure at the Wizard, he was the boss of a magically tethered Dove Silverhand, who was disguised and played the role of serving wench.[4] She was released by her soon-to-be husband, Florin Falconhand before the winter of 1356 set in.[5] Within a month or two of her rescue, Ansilber was gruesomely murdered in his own common room; dismembered. Few mourned his passing and the hasty investigation by the local authorities turned up no suspects. Not even a tenday passed before the new owner, Ravvas Thurrpurtyn took over the inn.[1][2]


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