Antasillix was a fiendish green dragon living in Unther in the 1370s DR.[1]


Antasillix protected the Pit of Many Colors from all the enemies of Tiamat, especially enemy sects.[1]


Antasillix was living like a normal green dragon when he was summoned by Tiamat. The goddess ordered him to find a cleric that was near the Pit of Many Colors, an abandoned bathhouse in the ruined city of Unthalass in Unther, and, after the cleric left the city, to attack and killed the cleric. Antasillix worked well and during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR, Tiamat summoned him to her lair in the Nine Hells. After the end of the Rage, he came back infused with infernal energies. He followed some wyverns but had only some bad encounters.[1]


Antasillix was still young and knew little about dragonkin. Although his study of wyverns ended badly, he was still curious. He hated all non-Tiamatan clerics, especially those of Gilgeam.[1]


Antasillix had some contacts with Kolchis of the Altar of the Scales and performed some mission for the cleric in exchange for treasures.[1]



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