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Neverwinter game cover This article or section is about elements from the game Neverwinter.
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Antethriss was a female Netherese shadovar and an assassin and duchess in 1480 DR.


Antethriss was once a personal assassin of the Prince of Shade Clariburnus Tanthul. Later she was elevated to the position duchess and given command of the small Netherese enclave of Kolthunral.

In 1480 DR, Clariburnus, in an attempt to gain control of New Neverwinter from Thay, ordered Antethriss to attack the Thayan city of Surcross. However, after months of besieging Thay, Kolthunral crashed into the ground, thanks to the efforts of some adventurers. Antethriss likely died in the fall.[1]




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