Anthara "Softangles" Shalymarr was a Mulhorandi woman living in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. She was a former thief and later a tavernkeeper and proprietress of the Scarlet Sheath tavern.[1][2]

Description & PersonalityEdit

Anthara was tall and sinuous of build, with dark eyes. She was also hot-tempered, and often hurled a dagger into too-lusty patrons.[1]

She operated it under three firmly held principles: that a tavern should provide comfortable furniture and swift service; that tapestries could conceal holes or burn marks in the walls; and that it should be separate from daily matters, where people could talk freely. Anthara had an agreement with Lord Sarp Redbeard, ruler of Wheloon, that no one could be held accountable for things said in the Scarlet Sheath.[1]


Anthara was once a thief in Mulhorand, but retired and later came to Wheloon in Cormyr.[1] There, she took over an abandoned, ruined building, turning it into the Scarlet Sheath tavern by 1358 DR.[2] She still ran it by 1369 DR.[1]


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