Anthilar was a lich of Tashalar.[1]


Antilar was one of the main leaders of Untisczer in Lapaliiya in 285 DR but managed to survive his city's destruction at the hands of the Shoon Imperium by relocating to a secret lair in the mountains west of the Tashan Gap. There he became a lich with the goal of controlling the merchants of Tashluta.

In 1056 DR, Antilar resurfaced and unveiled the reigning oligarch as a yuan-ti abomination. This started a spell-battle between the two that ended with the yuan-ti dead and the lich severely incapacitated.

Profiting of this weakness, Anthilar's body was encased inside a massively armored metal "lich's coffin" and shipped north by the priests of the Skullspire in Tulmon to the Myrkulyte Conclave of Doom for study. However, during the journey, the coffin was stolen many times.

At last, it became part of the hoard of Tostyn Alaerthmaugh, a young adult male mercury dragon lairing in the depths of Everlake, in the heart of the Evermoors.[1]



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