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Antilife shell, also known as anti-animal shell, was an abjuration spell that produced a hemispherical barrier that was impermeable to most types of living creatures.[2][3][4][7]


The area protected by this spell was a 10 ft (3 m) radius hemisphere centered on the caster and lasted almost two hours at a minimum (longer for higher level casters).[2][3][4][7] For the older version called anti-animal shell, the force field prevented entry of creatures that were at least partially animal. This included all humanoids, beasts, magical beasts, giants, vermin, and hybrids like cambions.[3][4][7] The newer version added more lifeforms such as aberrations, dragons, fey, monstrous humanoids, oozes, plants, and shapechangers to this list.[2] Creatures that were unaffected by this spell included aerial servants, imps, quasits, constructs (like golems), elementals, outsiders, or undead.[2][3][4][7] (See the Monster Manual for an explanation of creature types.)

Like most abjuration spells, this one could not be used offensively to push a warded creature. Any such attempt resulted in the collapsing of the force field.[2][3][4][7]

With the Sundering magic system lasting for a hour the caster had a 10 foot barrier to hedge living creature. The spell would end if the caster moved so that a creature would have to pass the barrier.[8]


Both versions required verbal and somatic components, plus the holy symbol or divine focus of the caster.[2] The older version also required a handful of peppers.[3][4][7]


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