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Antrysn Barriath was a zekyl (half-shadow-dragon drow) and the Anointed Blade of the Jaezred Chaulssin.[2]


Antrysn had a nasty temper and a penchant for sadism. He liked red, unadorned cloths and was bald. A special physical feature was his scarred skin. He habitually scarred his own skin for his magic.[2]


Antrysn was the favorite son of patron father Xorthaul Barriath of Jhachalkhyn, and for a long time the principal assassin of the group. He was killed just before the Silence of Lolth by his main rival Nimor Imphraezl, who replaced him as Anointed Blade. However, secretly, Xorthaul resurrected Antrysn, so when the Silence of Lolth ended with Nimor defeated and demoted, Antrysn reappeared and assumed once again the position of Anointed Blade.[2]


Antrysn was, as mentioned above, the principal assassin but while he did have traditional assassination skills of the roguish quality of trying to kill his target with the first strike or the usage of poison, his primary abilities were of magical nature and were not that of a standard assassin.[2]

Apart from regular sorcerous abilities, he had powers using his or other people's blood. This included using his blood to empower his spells but also to carry magic items on his person in the literal sense. He could scar his skin to create spell scrolls and use his own body as a bottle for magic potions with the potions' fluids being his blood; he could use these items like any other item. This was the reason why his body was covered in scars. His two most dangerous abilities were to make the blood of his victim erupt and to use two creatures as an entrance and exit of a gate to teleport himself from one to the other. This included teleporting himself into the "exit" and causing that creature damage.[3]


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