Anyspell was a transmutation spell that allowed a spell domain cleric to cast an arcane spell of up to 2nd level.[1]


Anyspell allowed the caster to read and prepare any arcane spell of up to 2nd level. The cleric must have had arcane magical writing (a scroll or spellbook) on hand to cast Anyspell. During the spell's 15-minute casting time, the caster could scan the spells available and choose one to read and prepare.

Once the cleric chose and prepared an arcane spell, he retained it in his mind. The prepared spell took the place of a 3rd-level divine magic domain spell. If the cleric read the spell from a spellbook, the book was unharmed, but reading a spell from a scroll erased the spell from the scroll.

When the cleric cast the arcane spell, it worked just as though cast by a wizard of the same power as the cleric except that his wisdom determined the likelihood of an affected creature resisting the spell. The cleric had to have at least average wisdom to cast lower power arcane spells and more powerful spells could only be cast by wiser clerics. If a mundane material component was required by the arcane spell the cleric could substitute his holy symbol. However, if the arcane spell required costly material components the cleric had to provide them. If the spell had another focus, the cleric had to provide the focus.


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