Apostles of peace are an unusual breed, forswearing violence and material possessions in favor of using their life to promote peace and nonviolent resolutions to conflict. An apostle possesses powerful access to divine magic, but his spells are aimed at healing, calming hostilities, and aiding allies.[1]


Though apostles of peace come from all walks of life, former barbarians, fighters, and rogues are rare: they have understandable difficulty with the vows of nonviolence and peace required for the class, and several of the required skills are cross-class for them. Paladins are even rarer: their very being requires them to go out and fight evil. Clerics, bards, and druids sometimes gravitate towards this class, but any character could conceivably convert to pacifism and become apostles of peace.

Apostles of peace are usually solitary wanderers or even hermits. Many apostles are far removed from the violent struggles of the adventuring life, but may serve as resources of knowledge, spells, or spiritual guidance for adventurers.[1]

In the Realms, apostles of peace typically worship Eldath or Ilmater.

Apostle of Peace AbilitiesEdit

Weapon and armor Proficiencies
Apostles of peace gain no special skills in this area, and are unable to wear armor without losing access to their spells. They can, however, wear protective magic items. (Note however that the Vow of Poverty, required for this prestige class, forbids the ownership or wearing of magic items, allowing only the use of potions carried by other party members.)
Apostles of peace have a unique set of spells, though some call them prayers.  If they start out as some kind of spell caster, it can enhance their abilities in this new class.
Spontaneous Casting
Like clerics devoted to good gods, apostles can spontaneously transform any prepared spell into a healing spell of the same strength.
Turn Undead
Apostles can turn undead like clerics and paladins who worship good gods, and again, if they start out in callings that have the ability to turn, it increases their ability to do so as apostles of peace.
Pacifying Touch
Fairly early on, apostles can pacify hostile or angry creatures by touch. Similar to a calm emotions spell, this effect suppresses any negative emotions. This ability also works against mind-affecting spells.
Censure Fiends
Much like turning undead, this ability enables an apostle to stun evil outsiders. If the apostle is sufficiently experienced with this power compared to the outsider's strength, said outsider is banished to its home plane. Censure fiend attempts are separate from turn undead attempts.[2]


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