Arashta Tharbrow was a Zhentarim sorceress in 1358 DR.


In 1358 DR, just after the start of the Time of Troubles, Arashta was in Daggerdale with the mission to kill Randal Morn. Suddenly her god Bane appeared in front of her, saying that she would became his chosen tyrant in Faerûn if she could kill Elminster Aumar and that Randal was not an important being in his plots. Quickly Arashta went to kill the Old Mage, not knowing that "Bane" was Issaran of the malaugrym.

Arashta attacked Elminster, who was together the Rangers Three and others allies, alongside a band of hobgoblins but she failed in her assassination. Sharantyr attacked Arashta that managed to cast a defense spell but, as often in Time of Troubles, her spell no worked and Sharantyr killed her.[1]




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