Arauntan of Selgaunt (the Wandering Wizard) was a wizard from Selgaunt. He is notable because in 1351 DR, he recalled that three brothers in Harrowdale had dramatically changed their appearance.[1]


In 1351 DR, Arauntan was described as a "three-hundred-year-old wizard" so he was born in or prior to 1051 DR.[1]

A farmstead in Harrowdale was home to three brothers from Sembia: Torstan, Ulbaern, and Durthar Morgath. However, on the morning after "fey blue mage-fire" was seen above the farmstead, Arauntan swore that the appearances of these brothers had become those of Lord Elmaer Oraun (formerly Lord of Harrowdale circa 1180 DR), his son Erammon Oraun, and his swordmaster Thaeron, who had disappeared centuries earlier at the Battle of Marak's Stile. Durthar Morgath would later, during the second inter-dale war, declare himself "Thaeron, Rightful Swordmaster of Harrowdale".[1]



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