Arauthator was a white dragon who lived under Lonefang Mountain in the Spine of the World in the Endless Ice Sea.[1][2]


Arauthator was among the dozen or so dragons that attacked the Host Tower of the Arcane in Luskan because of Sammaster's Rage of Dragons in 1373 DR. When part of the tower fell, Arauthator made off with a good deal of magical items, including a few powerful, priceless tomes.[2]

The dragon in c.1480 DR made his home an iceberg called Oyaviggaton on the Sea of Moving Ice.[3]

In 1484 DR Arauthator and his son Aurbangras allied with the orcs and drow forces that assaulted Luruar during the Darkening; he also was ridden by Tiago Baenre in the assault against Nesme.[4]


Arauthator's mate was Arveiaturace.[5] They had offspring, including Aurbangras.[6]







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