Aravae Irithyl was the lost heiress of the coronal Eltargrim Irithyl and the first sign of the Fall of Myth Drannor.[4]


Born in 146 DR,[1] Aravae was tutored from birth by the Srinshee and a select group of elder priests of elven and human gods (notably Corellon, Sehanine, Eldath, and Mystra) to be the heir of Irithyl and the new coronal. In time, she become a wonderful woman gifted with many skills in magic and diplomacy.[4]

Shortly after 261 DR, with the Srinshee's support, Aravae secretly went to adventure in the Realms with a group of friends including Josidiah Starym. Thanks to a magic simulacrum, everyone believed her she was studying in her house.[2]

She assisted her great-uncle Eltargrim before his passing. After Eltargrim's death in 661 DR, many pressured her to crown herself as the new coronal but, heartbroken, she decided on a five-year-long time of mourning like ancient traditions dictated (in truth, she hoped for the return of Josidiah).[4]

However in 664 DR, Aravae and her bodyguards were killed by unknown assailants, ending both the line of the house of Irithyl and the time of coronals in Myth Drannor.[4] Lord Speaker Illitran Starym was the elf who slew Aravae Irithyl, though his treachery was never discovered.[5]


Aravae loved only one one man in her life, Josidiah Starym, and only the Srinshee knew this. She always hoped to marry him, reforging the bond with the Starym but Josidiah went to adventure in search of the missing Ary'Velahr'Kerym (elfblade) and Aravae promised to await his return.[4]



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