The arcana domain, or magic domain as it is sometimes called, (not to be confused with the spell domain) is a deity domain that grants divine spellcasters prayers connected to the power of the arcane. They may, as part of their training, gain the ability to use wizardly implements such as scrolls, wands, and rods.

Arcana Domain DeitiesEdit

AzuthCorellonDeep DuerraDeneirHanali CelanilIsisLaduguerMerrshaulkMystra (Midnight)SavrasSelûneSetSsethThothVelsharoon

After the Spellplague, Corellon, Selûne, and Sseth connected themselves to the governance of the arcane, splitting the domain between themselves. None of the three possess the same degree of control over magic that Mystryl, Mystra, or Midnight did, but their influence is far from negligible and each has a unique approach that defines, to an extent, their worshipers' connection to the arcane. Corellon, who supports the efforts of Elven high mages, favors the use of arcane magic in the creation of beautiful art and his eladrin followers approach magic through an almost aesthetic frame of mind. Conversely, Selûne and her worshipers prefer magic that changes with the ebb and flow of the world, with many of their spells or prayers overlapping to some degree with the enchantment school or moon domain. Sseth, the sole evil god of the three, is a secretive deity who fosters illusion, secrecy, and darkness. Worshipers of Sseth, along with the deity himself, often fuel their magic with the pain and suffering of others, drawing on others' life force.

Arcana domain prayersEdit

During the Era of UpheavalEdit

1st level 
Nystul's undetectable aura
2nd level 
3rd level 
Dispel magic
4th level 
Imbue with spell ability
5th level 
Spell resistance
6th level 
Antimagic field
7th level 
Spell turning
8th level 
Protection from spells
9th level 
Mordenkainen's disjunction

During the Post-Spellplague AgeEdit

Radiant vengeance
Lance of faith
Divine bolts
Virtuous strike
Channel Divinity
Arcana ward

Post-Second SunderingEdit

After the Second Sundering, clerics who chose this domain were granted free access to these spells (they could cast them at any time without having to prepare them in advance).[1][2]

1st level 
detect magic, magic missile
3rd level 
magic weapon, Nystul's magic aura
5th level 
dispel magic, magic circle
7th level 
arcane eye, Leomund's secret chest
9th level 
planar binding, teleportation circle

In addition, arcana domain clerics gained access to the following powers:[2]

Channel divinity 
arcane abjuration



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