Arcane lock, also known as wizard lock,[3][6] was an arcane abjuration (formerly alteration)[3] spell that allowed the caster to lock closed entryways.


By touching a closed door, window, gate or other entryway, the caster would lock it. The caster could pick a creature type or even a password that would allow them to open the locked entryway.

Unwanted visitors could enter only if the object was broken or if the spell was suppressed. The spell could be suppressed by a knock spell and the suppression lasted for 10 minutes. When the spell was active, the lock was harder to pick or break.


The spell required verbal and somatic components and gold dust worth 25 gold pieces.[7]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Ptack in -503 DR and was originally called Ptack's locking.[1]


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