An arcane wellspring is a sorcerer for whom the wielding of arcane magic comes even more easily, almost instinctively than it does for even other sorcerers. When an arcane wellspring unleashes its power, it does not flow, but rather erupts, bellowing forth from them like an arcane geyser. To an arcane wellspring, magic is less a stream of power they let flow through them than a part of their very being, as much as their flesh or blood. Eventually, this becomes physical, to the point that arcane wellsprings actually transform into pure arcane energy time for a time.[1]


Arcane wellsprings have a number of unique features universal to them, acquired through their intense connection to the arcane. Unlike most sorcerers, arcane wellsprings have resistance to two or more forms of energy at once, rather than one, an affinity which transfers also to their attack spells for extra lethality against creatures with a similar resistance. Arcane wellsprings also have wider coverage for their spells, enabling them to attack multiple opponents at once, and with additional training they can teleport an equal number creatures hit by their spells.[1]

Arcane wellspring spells are often transmutative in form, transforming the very nature of the sorcerer casting them. For instance, the spell sorcerous wings causes wings formed from arcane energy to sprout from the caster's back, allowing them to fly for a brief time. Sorcerous metamorphosis, however, is easily the most impressive arcane wellspring spell, transforming the caster from a physical body into one made of pure arcane energy.[1]


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