The Archivist is a powerful divine spellcaster class. However, its method of spellcasting is more akin to that of a wizard than a cleric. It is a class representing the academic profession of collecting divine lore.


An archivist can cast spells from a prayerbook. These spells can come from any source of divine lore such as holy tablets, ancient steles, magical scriptures, divine scrolls or another archivist's prayer book. This includes all nonclerical divine spells. The spells gained from gaining levels in the class however, must come from the cleric's spell list.
Dark Knowledge
By drawing on his knowledge of monsters, the archivist can strengthen his allies and weaken particular types of monsters that they face. This is based on the archivist's relevant knowledge skill. It becomes more powerful based on archivist levels and knowledge skills.
Scribe Scroll
Archivists gain this feat for free at 1st level.
Still Mind
Because of his mental discipline, the archivist is resistant to enchantment spells.
Bonus Feats
Archivist can choose a bonus knowledge or magic feat at 10th and 20th level.


Archivists are not tied to any aligned in the same way that a cleric is tied to their deity's alignment. They can follow whatever morals they choose in general but most are about the same alignment as their patron deity. Because of their scholarly approach, they tend to favor lawful alignments.

Orders of Archivists in FaerûnEdit

Benign Order of the Third Eye
A secretive order dedicated to Savras. Founded during the Feast of the Moon in 1371 DR because of a vision sent by Savras. He spoke of accumulating knowledge and magic for an upcoming battle with Cyric. They attempt to accumulate knowledge from all sources, and (though they are not supposed to) some overstep the boundaries of sacred places in their attempts to do so.
The Brotherhood of the Secret Quill
These are the record keepers of Oghman Temples. They make extra copies of texts and secrets to keep in the Vault of the Bound, a large extradimensional library with restricted entry.
Order of Ibis
Servants of the deity Thoth, the order was founded during an excavation by cleric/wizards. A vision appeared, telling them to keep the Mulhorand interests first. They became archivists, and attempt to control trade and knowledge throughout the region. They are based at the University of Gheldaneth in Mulhorand.

There are also significant numbers of archivists in the churches of Mystra and Azuth.

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