Ardenor Crush was a reincarnated evil human fighter who appeared in the body of a hobgoblin.[1]


Crush was the founder of the Chill, a military organization for the purposes of gaining revenge on those who originally slew Ardenor. He was reincarnated by his friend and wizard, Grangor.[1]

Ardenor made an appearance in Tazok's bandit camp. The Chill had been hired along with the Blacktalons to disrupt trade and steal iron throughout the Baldur's Gate region as part of the Iron Throne's plans for gaining financial supremacy, and Ardenor and his men lived in uneasy coexistence with Taurgosz Khosann and his mercenaries.[2]


Ardenor had gauntlets of ogre power and an amulet which allowed him to summon a nightmare.[1]



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