Aria of peace was a powerful enchantment spell used to stop hostile interactions.[1]


This spell created soothing melodies of different instruments within the area of effect around the caster. Listeners who were charmed by these sounds ceased all violent activities. The tunes could be kept up by the caster through concentration and then lasted some time longer, giving the caster the chance to settle the situation with more permanent means.[1]


This spell required verbal components only.[1]


Aria of peace was the most powerful of the "magics of sight and sound" collected by Faerûnian master bard Morion in his special spellbook. It saw widespread use within Zakhara, but had a different name there. Possibly the spell was invented in the Land of Fate.[1]


Aria of peace was generally eschewed by evil spellcasters due to its nature.[1]



  1. The province of magic is not stated in the source. As a Zakharan spell that manipulates air, it would belong to the province of wind. The school of song is also not stated, but the spell fits into the school's description.


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