Arietta Seasilver was the daughter of Farninger Seasilver, grand duke of Marsember in Cormyr in 1486 DR. She believed herself to be a Chosen of Siamorphe, the goddess of nobility and the patron deity of her family.


When the shadovar armies attacked Cormyr, Arietta escaped Marsember with Kleef Kenric, paladin follower of the dead god Helm, and two Chosen, Malik el Sami, follower of Cyric, and Joelle Emmeline, follower of Sune. The two Chosen had a mission from their gods to take the Eye of Gruumsh to the earth primordial Grumbar's temple in the Underchasm. Arietta decided to help them, believing herself to be a fellow Chosen.

Arietta grew close to both Joelle and Kleef. She became a true Chosen of Siamorphe. With the sacrifice of Joelle in order to fulfill the mission, Arietta started a romantic relationship with Kleef.[1]




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