Arik Stillmarsh was a vampire residing in the Bargewright Inn some time after the War of the Silver Marches.[1]

Arik was a well-dressed, young-looking man with a sallow complexion who lived like a hermit in a corner room on the uppermost floor of the old inn. Rumor among the rabble was that Stillmarsh swindled one or more prominent Waterdhavian families, and that the Black Network was sheltering him. In truth, Stillmarsh was a vampire. Stillmarsh had an agreement with Nalaskur Thaelond of the Zhentarim, and was occasionally called upon to dispose of unwanted guests at the inn. Stillmarsh's earth-filled coffin was hidden in the attic above his room at the Old Bargewright, accessible through a secret door in the ceiling of a closet.


Stillmarsh had an agreement with Nalaskur not to feed on locals or other guests without the Black Network's approval. To sate his appetite at other times, the vampire preyed on rural encampments, night travelers on the Long Road, and the poor people of Womford. In Womford, the vampire was spoken of in whispers as the "Womford Bat." [1]




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