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Male Arkaiun

The Arkaiun were a human ethnic group residing primarily in Dambrath but also in Halruaa and the Shaar. Arkaiun culture was formed through the interbreeding of Nar refugees from Shandaular and Illuskan tribes. As of 1374 DR, the Dambrathan Arkaiuns lived as servitors of the half-drow Crinti.[1]


Arkaiuns living in Dambrath were considered second-class citizens and often worked at manual labor. Outside Dambrath some traditional Arkaiuns continued to live a nomadic lifestyle.[1]


In 1374 DR, Arkaiuns in Dambrath were forced to worship Loviatar or Lloth. Those living outside Dambrath often worshipped Tempus and sometimes Malar.[2]


The Arkaiuns could trace their origins to the fall of Shandaular in the far north in -946 DR. Refugees from the city fled through a portal to the Council Hills area in the Shaar. Their king, Arkaius the Archmage, remained behind to close the portal and it is from Arkaius that they take their name. For serveral centuries, the Arkaiuns roamed the Council Hills region, interbreeding with a lost tribe of Illuskans. The Arkaiuns attempted an invasion of Unther and Mulhorand but were defeated and fled south to the Bay of Dancing Dolphins. In the ninth century DR, the Arkaiuns discovered the Underdark and attempted to capture a drow city. Instead they were enslaved by the drow and lived as servants of drow and half-drow thereafter.[1][3]

The arkaiuns were later called the shebali, or lower ones, by the crinti.[4]


Arkaiuns tend to be short and swarthy with black or dark brown hair.[citation needed]


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