Arleithe Harlhaun was a member of the Harlhaun merchant family in Delzimmer circa the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR.[1][2]


Arleithe was a beauty that embodied the Harlhaun family traits—tall and willowy with large eyes and high cheekbones. Her sensual looks were somewhat spoiled by her bitterness over her role in the family business.[1][2]


After her mother passed away, Arleithe found herself being shunted into the role of mother and chatelaine of the family. She deeply resented this because she was the oldest child and considered her two younger brothers to be dim-witted and lacking in subtlety compared to herself. Both of them regularly ignored their sister and operated under the assumption that one of them would take over leadership of the family someday.[1][2]


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