Arrabar was the capital city of Chondath in the Vilhon Reach.[1][2]


By 1372 DR, the empire of Chondath was much shrunken.[1]

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Around 1372 DR, Lord Eles Wianar ruled from his palace known as the Generon.[3]

Noble Houses of Arrabar


At a key location in the Vilhon Reach, Arrabar stood at the end of two key trade roads: the southern Golden Road and the Emerald Way that ran across Chondath and ended at Hlath. These made the city a center for Vilhon trade, and kept it wealthy.[1]


The people of Arrabar largely engaged in trade, crafting, and fishing, as well as mercenary work as part of mercenary companies. These included both private armies that were permanently stationed in the capital and companies that were only based in the city and rested there between assignments in other lands.[1] Among these were the Sapphire Crescent.[4]


Thanks to mercenaries, Arrabar was quite strong militarily, and it could pose a threat in any land.[1]


The city was ancient and sprawling, though the people kept it tidy, clean, and maintained.[1]

The grandest structure in Arrabar was the Generon, the palace of the Lord of Arrabar. It comprised a stately dome that glittered with gold and silver. It was circled by barracks and fortifications, staffed by Lord Wianar's personal army.[1]

Lord Wianar permitted the Red Wizards of Thay to develop an enclave within the city.[1]


Like many in the Reach, the folk of Arrabar were wary of wizards.[1]




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